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We Are Digitizing Administration, Management, and Operations in Healthcare Facilities

Meet Surglogs. Innovation is in our blood.

Thanks to our modern solutions, healthcare is becoming safer, more reliable, and more effective. Surglogs reduces stress in the lives of healthcare professionals, so they can focus on patient care. We have seen exponential growth in the adoption of our technology across the US market thanks to our revolutionary platform. In less than two years, we have managed to digitize hundreds of hospitals and surgery centers… and we are only getting started.

- Peter Zajac, CEO and Co-founder at Surglogs

Who Are We?

Our Mission

To provide healthcare professionals with all-in-one solution for their administration and regulatory compliance needs.

We help healthcare professionals and clinicians become more organized and efficient by reducing paperwork, automating processes, and streamlining compliance. Thousands of nurses and doctors are already using our platform to focus on patient care and reimbursements instead of administration and regulatory compliance.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way healthcare facilities operate, so clinicians have more time to spend on patient care.

We have inspired clients to become part of the movement to digitize healthcare administration and regulatory compliance. By working closely with these clients, we have been able to create the ideal product for their needs.

Our Values

Collaboration, transparency, growth, dedication.

We are passionate about what we do and are proud to be a part of the Surglogs team. We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere and a comfortable work environment for everyone within our company, so we can focus on delivering the product that creates a positive effect on the day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals.

At Surglogs, we build culture, friendships, and family.

We value a culture in which skilled people have the ability to share their talents and skills, the work of each individual is recognized, and everyone strives to grow not only professionally, but also on a personal level. Just as our product creates a positive effect on the lives of our clients, we strive to create a positive work environment for our employees. We have a friendly company culture that encourages collaboration, transparency, and honest communication.

The Proven Innovation

Surglogs is the first software company to offer a full suite of automated regulatory compliance solutions for healthcare facilities

With its innovative solutions, Surglogs is improving clinical compliance calculations and providing healthcare professionals with peace of mind for their future compliance surveys

Surglogs has saved thousands of dollars in labor and storage costs for ASCs and hospitals across the US

Mobile app Surglogs

Award Winning Solution

Surglogs was named the “Best Compliance Solution” in 2020 by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent program that recognizes the top companies in the global health and medical technology industries.

Company with Real World Impact

Thanks to our modern technology, healthcare is becoming safer, more reliable, and more effective. Surglogs is reducing stress in the staff facility, leaving more time to focus on patient care.

Healthcare Enthusiasts Are Welcome

Gain valuable insight and first-hand experience by working with the best clients and healthcare associations in the industry.

Our Story


Peter and John found Surglogs

After experiencing the pain of managing administration and compliance in healthcare facilities, entrepreneur Peter Zajac and plastic surgeon Dr. John Hilinski establish a company with one goal: to automate and streamline administration in healthcare facilities.

Founding Surglogs



After several iterations and testing of the prototype, the first version of Surglogs is being implemented in the first batch of facilities.

Looking for direction


Investing and moving forward

With its first investment round and successful launch of the pilot version, Surglogs starts selling nationwide.

Investment and the path to success


International startup

Surglogs is quickly spreading throughout the United States, becoming a new player in the healthcare digitization segment. In 2019, we managed to secure another $5 million investment round.

Worldwide startup


New horizons

We are excited to tackle new development areas in 2020: expanding R&D, creating an internal marketing team, rolling out new products like Narclogs, Credentialing, Scheduling, and serving thousands of new clients.

Our future and plans

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We are always happy to welcome a new colleague, friend, and business partner.

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The ultimate compliance platform. We digitize and automate healthcare regulatory compliance.

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