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About Us


Complete All Compliance Checks
in Just a Few Clicks

Ensure your staff is following proper policies and procedures in real time

Logging appBinders

Monitor Your Logs in an Easy-To-Use App

General Accreditation Logs
Fire Safety
Radiation Safety
Infection Control
Life Safety
Employee Health
State Cancer Registry

General Accreditation Logs

Crash Cart Daily Check
Auto Clave Cleaning
Bowie Dick Test
Dart Warmup
Washer Daily Cleaning
Endoscope Washer
SurgiSonic Cleaning Log
V-Pro Max Maintenance
OSHA 300 Log Summary
Hazard & Vulnerability Assesment
Hospital Quality Reporting
BI Results
CI Results
Front Desk Cash Reconsiliation Log - AM
Front Desk Cash Reconsiliation Log - PM
And Much More
Environment of Care Tracer

Mitigate Risk and Improve Quality

Use our compliance calculator to monitor audits, rounds, and drills to ensure staff follow policy and procedure. The data will allow you to monitor staff and mitigate risk.

Compliance Calculations

Maintain Survey Readiness

See all necessary regulatory compliance checks via the Surglogs dashboard. You can live-track your facility’s compliance status and address any issues in real-time. Surglogs is completely customizable and fits within any accreditation agency or regulatory body’s requirements.

We'll Create Logs for You!

Our team at Surglogs can create any digital log or checklist with a variety of adjustable parameters that meet your needs. Surglogs also allows you to create logs and checklists yourself because no one knows your facility better than you do. Your process is unique and our team will work with you and your staff to ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.

Logging app
Logging workflows

Create Workflows

Easily create workflows, manage frequencies, and assignments to your staff. Thanks to our notifications and reminders, your team will never ever miss a check again!

Assign what you want your team to complete

Create action items if tasks are non-compliant

Logging Medications and Supplies

Reduce Labor Hours on Compliance Documentation

Reduce staffing hours by simplifying workflows such as CODE cart and Malignant Hyperthermia cart monthly inventories. Our clients save 30 minutes or more, per employee, each month when auditing each of their monthly carts.

Customizable filters to view what is due and when

Help out staff with easy-to-view task lists

Your Data Is Safe With Us

SOC2 Type II
HIPAA Compliant
99% of the system updates are deployed with zero downtime
Before each deployment, the system is tested with Unit and Integration tests
The database is encrypted and backed up every 12 hours
Surglogs runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud
All sub-systems and client-server communication are encrypted via SSL 2048 connections
System has passed HIPAA security risk analysis and is officially designated as HIPAA compliant
The system is constantly monitored with Antivirus and Amazon GuardDuty system
The system is periodically tested with security penetration tests by

Key Features

Frequencies, Due Dates, and Reminders

With everything that is going on inside of a healthcare facility, it's easy to miss a check. Our solution uses notifications and priority markers to make sure staff complete these important tasks.

Inventory Tracking

Using medication and supply parameters, easily track par levels and expiration dates using the Logging and Reporting solutions.

Compliance Calculations

Our compliance calculations make Audits, Rounds, Drills, Tracers, and Walkthroughs a breeze by automatically calculating how compliant your center and staff are with one click.

Activity Monitor

Know exactly how compliant your center is at a moment’s notice with our Activity Monitor. See what documentation has been completed, missed, or is upcoming over any period of time with one report.

Temperature/Humidity Reporting

Use our temperature/humidity graphs to easily track if your refrigerators or rooms are within or outside of compliant ranges.

Custom Categories

Organize documentation in the way that suits you and your center best by using our custom categories.

Advanced Parameters

Create custom logs and documentation using over a dozen different parameters to make sure they comply with specific regulations.

Camera Support

Capture proof of compliance and hold your staff members accountable with the ability to take pictures directly from the app.


By use casesEnvironment of CareHumidity & TemperatureInventory & SuppliesLife & Fire SafetyTrack InstrumentsStaff LicensureMore




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