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About Us

About Us


Compliance Across Your Facilities

Maintain compliance standards in all your facilities, mitigate risk, and avoid financial losses

Activity monitor for Logging

Trusted by hundreds of top performing healthcare facilities

Unburden your staff, boost their happiness, and decrease turnover

Replace cumbersome regulatory compliance paperwork in your facilities and automate clinical workflows for greater efficiency. Surglogs allows your employees to complete compliance logs and checks with just a few clicks on a tablet or a mobile phone, saving precious time and reducing stress from unannounced surveys.

Average compliance by state

Standardization Across Your Centers

Establish a standard process and unified view across your enterprise and provide continuity from one center to another. All of your centers can use the same log templates, ensuring that they each organize their data in the same way. Be prepared for accreditation surveys, at any facility, at any time, with easily accessible and accurate data.

Standardize required logs and process across your entire network

Ensure survey readiness 365 days a year

Compliance warning by center

Multicenter Reporting

Get a birds-eye perspective on compliance adherence across all your facilities. Surglogs' reporting features are powerful tools for decision-making and analysis. Monitor where money is being spent in your facility, track all necessary regulatory compliance checks in real-time, and monitor your facility's compliance status in different areas.

Compliance overview of all centers by region, state, and market

Customizable dashboards that meet your unique goals and priorities

Mitigate risks, avoid closures,
and reduce expenses

The Surglogs digital platform enables your facilities to maintain patient safety compliance standards and remain ready for accreditation surveys at all times. Mitigate risks associated with non-compliance and avoid business disruptions and financial losses. With Surglogs, you always know whether your facilities comply with accreditation requirements.


Your Data Is Safe With Us

SOC2 Type II
HIPAA Compliant
99% of the system updates are deployed with zero downtime
Before each deployment, the system is tested with Unit and Integration tests
The database is encrypted and backed up every 12 hours
Surglogs runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud
All sub-systems and client-server communication are encrypted via SSL 2048 connections
System has passed HIPAA security risk analysis and is officially designated as HIPAA compliant
The system is constantly monitored with Antivirus and Amazon GuardDuty system
The system is periodically tested with security penetration tests by

Seamless Onboarding

Start with one center as a pilot
Create log templates, workflows, and dashboards that align with the center's mission
Train the team
Duplicate the program across the enterprise
Pilot Center

Paper logs are digitized and standard templates are created, then staff is trained by our team.

They will be base model for rest of centers onboarding process

2 Weeks
Standard Logs

Each center appoints an admin. Log templates from pilot center are shared with the rest of the centers.

All Centers should be logging digital checks.

2 Weeks
Pilot Center
& Corporate Dashboard

Build a dashboard with actionable data from the logs that are in use at your centers.

Dashboards can only be built when live data starts filtering in.

1 Week
All Centers

All users across the enterprise are fully trained and logging regularly using the new methods.

Implementation is marked complete and we move into maintenance mode.

1.5 Weeks
Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown
RN-BC Director of Nursing, Mid-Bronx Endoscopy Center

"Surglogs was absolutely transformational. It has improved our compliance with everything from quality indicators to infection control standards. Surglogs allows for the team leads to more easily hold the staff accountable for completing their respective logs, with a few scrolls on a mobile phone. It is no longer cumbersome for the staff to complete the logs."

Lauren Brown, RN-BC Director of Nursing, Mid-Bronx Endoscopy Center

Brandi Carroll

Brandi Carroll
Clinical Director, St. Thomas Surgery Center-Midtown, USPI

"The set-up and implementation of Surglogs was painless. The system is user friendly and the instructors are readily available and provide a thorough explanation of the process. It is much easier for the employees to log the data now."

Brandi Carroll, Clinical Director, St. Thomas Surgery Center-Midtown, USPI

Andrea Sinon

Andrea Sinon
Nurse Administrator, North Scottsdale Outpatient Surgery Center

"Surglogs has helped our process by improving efficiency and being more conveniently accessible to the entire team. The implementation process involved getting the team on board and transferring paper logs to electronic. The training and customer care have been amazing!"

Andrea Sinon, Nurse Administrator, North Scottsdale Outpatient Surgery Center

Jeremy Ralston

Jeremy Ralston
Facility Engineer/Safety Officer, San Luis Obispo Surgery Center, SCA

"We are super impressed with Surglogs. The ease, changeability, setup, and how it is able to hold specific groups/people accountable, as well as notify everyone when something needs to be done, order, or fixed."

Jeremy Ralston, Facility Engineer/Safety Officer, San Luis Obispo Surgery Center, SCA

Kathryn Bihrle

Kathryn Bihrle
Implementation & Operations Manager, PE GI Solutions

"We have also gone through several surveys (state and TJC/CMS) for new centers that started out using Surglogs and the process with the surveyors is going really well. They are always quite impressed!"

Kathryn Bihrle, Implementation & Operations Manager, PE GI Solutions

Todd Albertz, CASC

Todd Albertz, CASC
Vice President, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Northmark Pharmacy

"I used to be in the same situation that most are in now, chasing papers... Surglogs has helped us have a standard process across centers while allowing us to standardize what and how we collect data and allows us to monitor it anywhere at any time. The functionality they have built really helps make compliance easier to maintain."

Todd Albertz, CASC, Vice President, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Northmark Pharmacy

Amiee Mingus RN BSN

Amiee Mingus RN BSN
VP of Clinical Operations, PE GI Solutions

"In Surglogs, we can see everything at a glance. It has cut many hours of preparation off of our survey prep visits."

Amiee Mingus RN BSN, VP of Clinical Operations, PE GI Solutions

World-Class Customer Service

Initial Setup

Standardize all logbooks across your locations during a pre-training session where all the paper logs are converted into a digital format and reviewed with our team.


Surglogs initial trainings are divided into two sections: training for leaders and training for staff. You will learn how to easily navigate the platform and use our mobile applications.

Fine-Tuning and Continuous Support

Our customer care team is ready and eager to help you and your staff at any time, whether using our online chat, phone, or virtual Zoom sessions.


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