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Surgical Care Affiliates
United Surgical Partners International
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Keep your facilities compliant at all times with Surglogs

Compliance overview of multiple centers

Templated digital centers for AAAASF, AAAHC, TJC, CMS, CLIA, and more

Fully customized software to match your current procedures and logs

Best in class customer support

Full DEA and HIPAA Compliance

Digital healthcare logs

How Much Time & Money Can You Save Annually?

Number of facilities








1 facility


Number of people
completing logs








5 people



The amount is calculated based on the assumption that the client is using 4 beneficial Surglogs modules (Surgical Logs, Narcotic Logs, Procedure Logs, and Credentialing). The yearly sum contains Labor Hour ($44 average hourly rate for admins, RNs, and techs combined) and Costs of Printer, Paper, Toner, and Storage.
The numbers provided in the calculator are for general informational purposes only.



77 hours

Surglogs regulatory compliance suite enables ASC’s and Hospitals to enhance their overall efficiency, reduce labor costs, save time and money, while ensuring a high standard of patient care. In a two OR ASC, we are able to save the center over $10,000/year on average. This is based on labor hours, cost of paper, toner, and storage.

Easily implemented, customized for your facilities

Turn-Key Solution

We have all the mandated logs digitized for every major accreditation agency, including TJC, AAAHC, AAAASF, and CMS.

Seamless Implementation and Onboarding

We take care of the startup legwork so you don't have to. Our team will quickly digitize your logs into customizable templates and walk your staff through the software. Surglogs is an extremely intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use software.

Continuous Support

Our Customer Care team is dedicated to making your Surglogs experience exceptional. We provide continuous guidance to make sure the software works seamlessly for your team. We also provide complimentary, unlimited support.

What Our Users Are Saying

Surgical Care Affiliates
United Surgical Partners International
Physicians endoscopy
SurgCenter Development
Proliance surgeons
Brandi Carroll

"The set-up and implementation of Surglogs was painless. The system is user friendly and the instructors are readily available and provide a thorough explanation of the process. It is much easier for the employees to log the data now."

Brandi Carroll

Brandi Carroll

Clinical Director, St. Thomas Surgery Center-Midtown, USPI

Multiple Center Reporting

Surglogs’ reporting features are powerful tools for decision-making and analysis. Monitor where the money is being spent in your facility, track all necessary regulatory compliance checks in real-time, monitor your facility's compliance status in different areas.

Compliance status dashboard

Keep oversight of compliance at all your facilities

Activity monitor for Surgical Logs

Surgical Logs live activity monitor allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of all log activities across your facility. Stay on top of upcoming logs and easily identify missed entries and the reasons why they weren’t completed. Never let a missed log jeopardize your facility’s compliance status.

Activity monitor for Surgical Logs

Medications and Supplies

This reporting section allows you to have a full overview of all medications and supplies in your facility. Always stay up to date with par levels and expiration dates of your supplies and medications. One-click ordering makes it easy to replenish your inventory.

Medications and Supplies

Employee Activity

With Surglogs, you can easily manage your users' permissions: assign roles and duties, grant supply management permissions, manage access to logs, checklists, records, and categories, etc.

Employee Activity

Compliance Calculations

The compliance calculations reporting section allows you to live-track your facility’s compliance status and address any issues in real-time. Maintain compliance continuity and always be ready for surprise surveys.

Compliance Calculations

Temperature and Humidity

This reporting section allows you to have a full overview of all temperature and humidity indicators across your facility. You can easily identify out-of-range values and address any issues in real-time.

Temperature and Humidity
Nurses in hospital

Surglogs Is Suitable for All Types of Healthcare Facilities

Ambulatory Health Care

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Pain Management Centers

Dialysis Centers

Office-Based Surgery

Immediate Care Centers

Occupational Health

Sleep Centers

Fertility Clinics (IVF)


Acute Care

Addiction Treatment

Community (General)

Long-Term Care Hospitals

Psychiatric Hospitals

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Teaching Hospitals

Children's Hospitals


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Pediatric Dentistry

General Dentistry





Long Term Care Facilities

Nursing homes

Skilled nursing facilities

Elderly Care Communities

Laboratory Services

Laboratories in hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, home care organizations, behavioral health care organizations, ambulatory sites, and physician offices.

Reference labs

Freestanding laboratories

Blood transfusion and donor centers

Public health laboratories

Laboratories in federal facilities

Point-of-care test sites


Behavioral Health Care

Addiction Treatment Services

Intensive Outpatient Care

Adult Day Care

Office-based Opioid Treatment

Opioid treatment programs/methadone centers

Rehab Facilities

Evident Advantages of Using Surglogs' Flagship Module Surgical Logs

Less Labor

More than 4 hours/employee per month can be saved from performing regular checks and completing logs.

More Efficiency

Our users have expressed that the logging process is 95% faster and more efficient with Surglogs than the standard pen-and-paper method.

All your data and documents are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud

We go the extra mile to ensure that we have the highest security measures in place to prevent any data loss

HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution

Security Measures

Surglogs runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud

99% of the system updates are deployed with zero downtime

The database is encrypted and backed up every 12 hours

Before each deployment, the system is tested with Unit and Integration tests

All sub-systems and client-server communication is encrypted via SSL 2048 connections

The system is periodically tested with security penetration tests by ESET (

The system is constantly monitored with Antivirus and Amazon GuardDuty system

System has passed HIPAA security risk analysis and is officially designated as HIPAA compliant

Surglogs is an all-in-one enterprise-ready system for all your regulatory compliance needs

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The ultimate compliance platform. We digitize and automate healthcare regulatory compliance.

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