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Automated user friendly management of all of your ASC logs. Crash carts, temperature/humidity monitoring, sterilizer runs, and many more.

Administrator dashboard allows oversight and summary reporting of all logs.

Automated, daily checklists; so you never miss a log!

Preloaded and pre-populated with all required ASC logs. Start using the system within minutes!

Fully customizable to any specialty and accepted by all accrediting organizations.

One click ordering of medication, suture, and supply inventory.

Pre-populated logs

Completely customizable categories and one-click ordering of medication, expiring sutures, etc.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

Temperature and humidity

Crash cart medications and supplies

Malignant hyperthermia kit

Environmental rounds

Medical gas logs

Defibrillator check

Flash sterilization runs

Refrigerator temperature

Instrument sterilization runs

Sterilization of LMAs

And many more…

Emergency generator or UPS power check

Attest spore testing

Autoclave cleaning

Eyewash station check

C arm testing

And many more…

Anesthesia cart medications and supplies

Life safety equipment check

Fire extinguisher check

Refrigerated medication check

Pregnancy test controls

Glucometer testing

Hand hygiene survey

And many more…

Fire drills

Emergency generator or UPS testing

Radiation badge monitoring

And many more…

Life safety equipment check

Vacuum system check

Medical gas testing

Lead testing

Physicist reporting

And many more…


Surgery centers are using SurgLogs to achieve new levels of communication, efficiency and productivity.

“I started using SurgLogs a few years ago to help manage my ambulatory surgery center. No longer do I have to worry about whether or not my staff are completing the required logs on a daily basis. The desktop portal allows me to very quickly survey all of the daily logs with just a few clicks. Because SurgLogs makes the process of maintaining required logs so much more efficient, it's like having one or two more staff members around.”

John M. Hilinski, M.D.

The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center, AAAASF Medicare Deemed

“Since we incorporated SurgLogs into our facility the staff has been amazed at how easy it is to keep up with daily logbooks. As a Nurse Administrator, I love the ability to monitor everything that is being completed every day in my surgery center from my administrator portal. I look forward to the cost savings each month and year. Additionally, I have no more storage fee concerns for logbooks! Thank you SurgLogs!“

Vicki Evans, RN

Los Alamitos Surgery Center

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RNs and Surgical Techs easily complete logs in just seconds via mobile application – saving hours in labor costs each month!

Assign logs to your staff. They will receive prompts when logs are missed, at the frequency scheduled by your administrator. Never miss a log again!


Finally, organization and records storage made easy – just for you!


Your logs are secure, encrypted, and easy to find!

Access your surgery center's data from anywhere! Your data is backed-up every minute and safe from floods, fires, and zombie attacks!

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