Procedure Logbook

The Procedure Logbook module is a completely customizable, HIPAA compliant, tracking system for all procedures done within the facility. Extensive search capabilities make it easy to track implants, tissues, complications, and vendor recalls.

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Procedure logbook product

Key Features

Customizable procedure tracking

Keep track of any procedures, implants, and tissues that come through the facility. Procedure Logbook module is fully customizable and allows you to add a variety of parameters to describe the procedures, create custom tags, upload files, and take pictures and attach them to procedures.

Customizable fields in Procedure logbook

Extensive search

Easily identify data by setting searchable parameters, such as name, date, procedure ID, vendor, etc.

Search capability

Accessible and Intuitive

Surglogs' user-friendly app allows you to easily access your procedure logs from any Android or iOS device with an internet connection.

Surglogs mobile app

All Your Data and Documents Are Stored in a Secure HIPAA Compliant Cloud

All your data and documents are stored in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud. We go the extra mile to ensure that we have the highest security measures in place to prevent any data loss.

HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution

Procedure Logs Module Saves Labor Hours and Money

Less Labor

With the help of the Procedure Logbook module, tracking procedures, tissues, implants, etc. is less labor-intensive.

More Efficiency

Tracking procedures with Surglogs is 95% faster and more efficient than using the outdated pen-and-paper method.

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