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We increase efficiency within healthcare, an industry that saves lives! We provide nurses and staff up to two more hours a week with their families after a long workweek.

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Peter Zajac, CEO

"At Surglogs, we build culture & friendships. We value a culture in which skilled people have the ability to share their talents, the work of each individual is recognized, and everyone has the opportunity to grow not only professionally, but also on a personal level."

- Peter Zajac, CEO

Work in a Real Remote-first Company

We started with remote work long time before the COVID pandemic.
In our team you’ll find digital nomads, people who work from home in different parts of Slovakia and Czech Republic as well as colleagues who prefer working from our offices in Bratislava or Coronado in the US. As long as you have internet connection, feel free to work from the International Space Station.

Work from the comfort of your home

From anywhere in the world with access to internet

Use our offices in Slovakia or in the US

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Peter, CEO

"You'll always find me in the office. Sometimes in Coronado, other times in Bratislava."

- Peter, CEO

Jirka, Frontend Lead

"Solid async culture in teams makes it ideal for my workflow to get things done quickly and effortlessly."

- Jirka, Frontend Lead

Barbora, Marketing Manager

"At Surglogs, my location really doesn’t matter. Often I work from home, sometimes from the office or even from my beloved Balkans."

- Barbora, Marketing Manager

Jakub, CTO

"Even though I'm a big fan of remote work, I prefer to work from the office. I love the environment I created around me."

- Jakub, CTO

Dominik, Director of Operations in the EU

"I split my work between my home office and office in Bratislava. I get the best of both worlds."

- Dominik, Director of Operations in the EU

Michal, UX Designer

"Remote work can bring up a lot of challenges. The stability of internet connection is a big one. In Europe or the US it’s not a problem but what about remote areas like Laos, Mexico, a little cottage in Borneo, or Palau. That can be a pickle. But if you’re determined enough you’ll make it work. So why would you stay in the office?"

- Michal, UX Designer

Dominika, Logs Specialist

"It’s better to work on the beach with a piña colada in your hand than sitting in the office with coffee from the vending machine. Thanks to Surglogs, I can work in Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, or Egypt."

- Dominika, Logs Specialist

SK Office

"Most of the people from Bratislava or surrounding areas come to the office whenever they want. The doors of our office are always open to them."

- SK Office

US Office

"Even some of our American colleagues work remotely. Yet, most of them prefer to work from the Coronado office. Even though there's a 9 hour time difference, our work calls are always scheduled for time slots that accommodate both teams."

- US Office

We Want to Become Elite

Thanks to the implementation of DevOps principles, which are the moving force of our team, we’re aiming to join the world elite (not only) in DORA metric. Phrases like microservice architecture, CI/CD, automatic testing, monitoring, or Kanban, are not just buzzwords for us.

Pointing at the monitor

We Create Product that Makes Healthcare More Efficient

Imagine you can give two more hours a week to a hard-working nurse. We aim to increase efficiency within healthcare, an industry that saves lives!

Work on one product

See real value of your work

Be a part of a stable and in-sync team

Nurses looking at tablet
Team meeting

Stable Startup with International Capital

We are supported by strong investors, but we also have hundreds of paying healthcare facilities. Thanks to our sales and marketing teams we’re still growing and diving into new verticals within the industry.

Our product is used in hundreds of clinics across the United States

In 2019 we received $6M in Seed funding, and in 2021 we received $10.5M in Series A

We’re simultaneously entering more verticals and growing our business exponentially

Surglogs tablet
Rocket and laptop

Agile as a Lifestyle

Lean and agile principles are our mantra. They give us much needed flexibility and speed that are necessary to be competitive in the industry. On our journey, we make mistakes. But we’re not afraid because every mistake is an opportunity for learning.

Get to Know the Surglogs Story


Peter Zajac and plastic surgeon Dr. John Hilinski are founding Surglogs. Their goal is to digitize healthcare facilities in the US. In a short time, they gained their first clients.

Peter CEO, Doctor Stethoscope, John Hilinski, MD

The first version of Surglogs is gaining a lot of praise from early customers. Positive feedback results in the first angel investment.

Compliance dashboard monitor, Demo for nurses

Surglogs’ team grows with its R&D division in Europe. External team around Dominik and Jakub that created the product joins the permanent team. Jakub becomes CTO and is fully focused on Surglogs.

Jakub Jasak

The European team is growing with new colleagues in R&D, marketing, HR, and customer care. Dominik becomes the Director of Operations in Europe and focuses solely on Surglogs.

Dominik Metes

Surglogs receives the first big investment. Thanks to $6M in Seed funding, we are able to develop new products. The lead investors are Credo ventures and 8VC.

Surglogs investors

Surglogs has 10,000+ active users from hundreds of healthcare facilities and hospitals in 47 states in the US.

US map

Surglogs receives another big investment

The investment will be used for another expansion of products and roll-out in multiple healthcare markets in the United States. As one of the very few Slovak-US startups, we received 10.5 million USD in Series A from top investors, including VC fund OpenOcean, Credo Ventures, 8VC, and a group of angel investors from previous rounds.

OpenOceanCredo8VCBridge Start
Growth graph

Be part of Surglogs' story

Together we can improve processes in healthcare facilities.

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Surglogs is an award-winning software solution digitizing and streamlining regulatory compliance for ambulatory surgery centers and healthcare facilities across the US.

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